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Cupping is a popular East Asian Medicine modality used for thousands of years. Triad Integrative Wellness Center of Greensboro utilizes this treatment in conjunction with acupuncture or on its own.


Cupping can increase circulation, detoxify the body, reduce inflammation and boost the immune system.


Benefits of Cupping

Reducing Inflammation

Increase Circulation


Clears congestion

 Boosts the Immune System

Relaxes the muscle

Increase Lymphatic stimulation & Drainage

Promotes Healing

What does cupping treat?



Cough and Colds

Neck and Shoulder Pain


Sciatic Pain

Sprain & Strains

Asthma & Pneumonia

Low Back Pain

Exposure to Toxins

Triad Integrative Wellness Center treats a wide variety of complaints.  We have a specialized focus in stress management, headaches, anxiety, sleep disorders, mental & emotional wellness, as well as, back and neck pain.

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